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imageA year or two later, when I got more into punk I heard a song on some Fat Wreckords sampler CD that sounded familiar as hell. The band was Strung Out. Turns out that my cousin went to high school with a few of the band members, and had grown up as a childhood friend of Jim Cherry..

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His father was a teacher who encouraged his son to read, and Rex had read the entire Bible twice by the time he was 4 years old. At the age of 13 he was the state spelling bee champion. Navy (as a yeoman on President Teddy Roosevelt's official yacht) and then spent about four years working at about thirty different jobs (in six states), including cigar store clerk, while he sold poems, stories, and articles to various magazines..

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You sir are nothing to me but a rude, unintelligent, guttersnipe, although you do have a very attractive mother, but the jewelery you wear on your person is counterfeit. I shall best you in a bare knuckle boxing match, and then laugh haughtily I swear to the Lord Jesus Christ. Do you think you can spout your drivel at me while sitting on your posterior behind a computer screen? You best think better of that you little tallywhacker! In fact I am calling my Polo team right now.

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He plans to visit Lebanon in December where he, along with the Red Cross and members of a soccer academy for orphaned children he established in 1997, will personally deliver the donated gear to the displaced Syrian children. Donations can be dropped off at West Van Barber Shop, located at 1345 Marine Dr., until Nov. 15.
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