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DESIGN NOTE VINYL CUTTING FYI: As seen here, I layered the graphics so that I could get various color options. This was time consuming because I had to cut out the pieces and align them separately. I did it this way in order to be efficient in cutting my vinyl.

imageTo the mouth of the Delaware Bay where it meets the Atlantic Ocean. The river is fed by 216 tributaries, the largest being the Schuylkill and Lehigh Rivers in Pennsylvania. In all, the basin contains 13,539 square miles, draining parts of Pennsylvania (6,422 square miles or 50.3 percent of the basin's total land area); New Jersey (2,969 square miles, or 23.3%); New York (2,362 square miles, 18.5%); and Delaware (1,004 square miles, 7.9%).

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17 vs Tampa Bay, Nov. 21 vs Calgary, Dec. 13 vsLos Angeles, Dec. Not only are they bulky to store and ship, but there is a million potential issues it could have. Almost guaranteed that the printers in thrift shop will have no ink, so you have to buy ink to test it or risk that it is defective. You got to add the printer to you computer which means finding and installing drivers, etc.

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Im sure this movie will have wide appeal at the expense of the films before it which is a no no in terms of franchise building. The fact is we waited over 30 years for Mark Hamill to come back to play an iconic hero character and this is what we get? That is why it is disgusting and sad. When he chucks the lightsaber away, that was the final nail in the coffin..

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