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Le Comptoir is the cozy creation from chef owner C Maury and her husband, Otis, both expats from Paris, who opened Le Comptoir in 2010. The restaurant's name translates roughly as "the bar," although the drink menu consists of just a few select wines and five domestic beers. The food menu is likewise concise: just four appetizers and seven entr but that's enough for the intimate space.

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He was a longtime member of the VFW in Gloucester City. Spencer (nee Swindell). Loving father of James Spencer (Sue), Patricia Grieski (late Jay), John Spencer (Gina) and Robert Spencer (Kim). "Let's make this clear. Lebs has been outstanding for us for three years," said Babcock. "Hasn't gone as good (this year).

UCSB's leadoff hitter Andrew Calica made the all regional team. He had five hits and reached base seven times in nine plate appearances; but the fact that he scored only one run illustrated the Gauchos' offensive drought since they hammered UC Riverside, 20 2, on May 21. They lost their last four games since then and finished with a 40 17 1 record.
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